The Value-Based Care Institute

Committed to your transformation to high-value care.

The Value-Based Care Institute (VBCI) is library of online courses aimed at guiding healthcare organizations through the transition to value-based care. 

The switch to value-based care turns the traditional model of healthcare reimbursement on is head, creating the need to adopt new strategies. Instead of being paid by the number of visits or tests providers order (fee-for-service), providers' payments are now based on the value of care they deliver (value-based care).

Benefits of Value-Based Payment Models:

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    Patients achieve better health at a lower cost.
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    Providers see greater patient satisfaction.
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    Payers control costs and reduce risk.

85% of of physicians say they would need additional resources to transition to VBC models.

* Deloitte 2016 Survey of US Physicians

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